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Exclusive EVENT Girls Leotard by Milano

World Gymnastics Championships Leotard

This official WGC gymnastics leotard is perfect for performing and honing your craft! Support this year's competition and wear it with pride. Designed by Milano Pro Sport using the World Gymnastics Championships logo and swirls, this sleeveless garment for girls and women has been designed for maximum comfort, flexibility and a range of movement, so you can be sure that your leotard will act as a second skin while you focus on sticking that landing.

Material: 82% Polyester 18% Lycra



Follow these simple steps to help keep your leotard in pristine condition

  • Please turn all leotards inside out prior to washing
  • Place your leotards inside a pillowcase (The Pillowcase helps prevent abrasion in the wash)
  • Machine wash in cold water using a gentle cycle
  • DO NOT use bleach, detergents or fabric conditioner
  • Remove from the water and hang to dry immediately
  • DO NOT leave folded when wet
  • DO NOT lay flat to dry